Jimbo Fisher Explains Jameis Winston Punishment

Jameis Winston

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher talked at the ACC media days about the punishment Jameis Winston served after stealing crab legs from a Tallahassee, Florida grocery store. Fisher says that one punishment was enough because quite simply, Winston didn’t steal with intent.

“Not after we found out the story and what had happened and [what Winston did] was not a malicious thing,” he said according to ESPN’s Jared Shanker. “It was not done with intent.”

“People need to realize, when you suspend him in baseball, you understand how important baseball is to him? That cut his heart out,” Fisher said Monday. “If it was done maliciously, we may have done other things. It was a silly mistake and not done with any malicious doing, and you don’t punish a guy twice for the same crime.”

Fisher says he deals with felony charges and lesser charges differently. He likes to keep the minor charges to those involved and not the public.

“Let me ask this: When your kids get in trouble at home, do you tell the neighborhood what you did to them?” he said. “Kids are going to make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. Our whole thing at Florida State is teaching kids to make decisions.

“What you need to do is accept it, learn from it and don’t repeat it. Everything doesn’t need to be known. Kids have to have room to grow as individuals. Everything is not out there. Do you whip your kids in public? Don’t think anyone is more upset at them than we are, but also nobody cares more for them than we do. There’s got to be some privacy for these kids to grow and develop as human beings.”