Jameis Winston Meets Media Before BCS

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Jameis Winston says this season hasn’t changed him.

Florida State’s Heisman Trophy winner met with the media Friday as the top-ranked Seminoles prepare for the BCS championship game against No. 2 Auburn.

Winston was his usual gregarious self. He whispered and giggled with teammate Kenny Shaw on the dais while quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders and receivers coach Lawrence Dawsey fielded questions from reporters — many about Winston.

The redshirt freshman had a record-breaking season on the field, but also was investigated for an alleged rape late in the season. No charges were filed.

He says his teammates stuck by him during the investigation. Despite his rapid rise to becoming college football’s biggest star and the scrutiny he faced about how he carried himself off the field, he says: “Nothing has changed.”

Source: Associated Press