Jameis Winston To Bypass 2015 Draft, Father Says

COLLEGE RUMORS: Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston

Antonor Winston, father of Florida State quarterback phenom Jameis Winston said in a recent interview with AL.com, that his son plans on staying in school until he graduates in December 2015, meaning two more seasons on the field for the Seminoles.

“We want Jameis to succeed with one more year in baseball and two more years in football,” he said. “We’ve never strayed from our plan that he is going to be in college until he gets that degree.”

As a redshirt sophomore, Winston will be three years removed from high school this coming spring and will be eligible for the 2015 NFL Draft. Only four redshirt sophomore quarterbacks have left their schools early and landed in the draft’s first round since 1970, including Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Johnny Manziel last month, so it’s an uncommon occurrence.

If this is true, it’s a great move by Winston and his family. Don’t waste your education. Yes, the NFL is glamorous but it’s not going anywhere.