Jalen Ramsey Kicked Out of FSU Practice

Jalen Ramsey

The season hasn’t even started yet and already Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey is being talked about for getting too rough.

According to CBS Sports, coach Jimbo Fisher kicked Ramsey out of Sunday’s practice for getting too physical. Fisher said that he instructed Ramsey not to do something, and he did it anyway. He went on to say that Ramsey will decide if he wants to play or not.

“You’re going to do things my way or they’re not going to play here. When I tell somebody to do something and they don’t do it, it’s serious. That’s how you have problems.”

Apparently, there were other issues with Ramsey that day, too. He got into a little fight with Karlos Williams and Kermit Whitfield, and he had a big hit on tight end Ryan Izzo during a non-tackling period. Tisk, tisk Ramsey. He should know better than that.

Before kicking him out of practice, Fisher let Ramsey know he felt about what happened.

It’s pretty foolish on Ramsey’s part. Why would you hit your own teammates during practice? That doesn’t benefit you or your team in any way.