How Much Does it Cost to Win the ACC Championship?

Florida State Fans

Fans want to win, players want to win, and coaches want to win. But, have you ever thought about how much money actually goes into winning championships? Florida State has. In fact, the Seminoles know exactly how much money was spent on their most recent ACC Championship win.

According to a report, it cost Florida State $407,812.22 for the ACC championship. used public records to find out that Florida State lost that much money on the 2013 ACC Football Championship Game in Charlotte. The expenses included tickets for the marching band and family for student-athletes. According to the report, Florida State received a bill of $194,000 for travel expenses to get to the championship game.

Associate Athletic Director Monk Bonasorte told that it’s just the nature of the game.

“That’s just the cost of doing business. You look at it when you talk to our business people. Okay, we lost some money on the bowl or ACC title game. But with revenue and licensing and booster contributions, that will go up. It won’t be an immediate impact per say.”

These high expenses are obviously nothing new. Florida State and Georgia Tech lost a total of $850,000 on the 2012 ACC Championship Game, combined. Even though the conference championship game totally drains the expenses for schools, the cash coming in from the BCS revenue helps a lot.

Per, Florida State AD Stan Wilcox claims Florida State’s and Clemson’s BCS game participation will bring in an additional $50 million for the ACC, which will be split evenly among the members. If every ACC school in the 2013 season receives a full share, each university would receive about $3.57 million. But if Maryland, who is moving to the Big Ten, does not receive a share, then all 13 members would get a share of around $3.85 million, if distributed evenly.

That’s a lot of money. Do you think fans will reconsider how badly they want to win now that everyone knows how expensive it?

Yeah, didn’t think so…

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