FSU’s New Seminole Head Logo Goes Up Around Campus

FSU News: New Logo in New Places

Florida State officially unveiled its updated Seminole head logo the day before the spring game. By kickoff the next day the new logo had been painted on the field, on the Marching Chief’s field entrance, and above the score board. Now, the logo has started to spread outside of the walls of Doak Campbell. Most of the logos have been replaced at the Seminole Soccer Complex, JoAnne Graf Field, where the softball team plays, and Dick Howser Stadium, where the baseball team plays.

Some of the biggest changes took place at the entrances to the soccer and softball offices. The windows around the door have already been replaced with the new logo etched in the glass. The changes aren’t complete though, as can be seen at the entrance to the soccer offices where the large logo in the window has changed, but not the smaller one in the door itself.

Seminole Head Logo
The window has been replaced with the new logo, but a smaller version of the old logo remains on the door.

The doors on not the only changes either. The emblem on the side of the softball batting cages and above each press box have already been changed too.

Seminole Head Logo
The new logo is on the side of the softball batting cages.


In Dick Howser most of the logos have been changed except for some of the more permanent ones such as the bronze plague above the main entrance. Much like the softball and soccer stadiums, windows with the old logo have already been replaced with the new logo. This can be seen at the entrance to the tradition room.

Seminole Head Logo

Even the signs above the ticket booths and concession stands have already been replaced.

Seminole Head Logo


The logo change is still not popular with fans, but the new logo is here to stay. Look for the changes to be completed soon as the university continues to roll out the new logo. Personally I am not opposed to the change and think the logo looks especially good etched in the glass around the soccer and softball office entrances.

Seminole Head Logo

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