FSU Spring Practice Update (3/31)

FSU will hold their first scrimmage of the spring today.

Nate Andrews, Tre Jackson (precautionary after getting hit in the head), Terrance Smith (concussion), Ronald Darby, Jarred “Scooter” Haginns (hamstring), Reggie Northrup, Justin Shanks, and Derrick Mitchell are all out for the scrimmage.

Ruben Carter spent time working at center during the open portion. Jimbo Fisher frequently talks about the need and value of cross training  players. Kareem Are took the first team reps at guard with Carter working at center and Jackson still out.

-During dime sets Tyrell Lyons worked as the fourth defensive back. The DB’s have spent a lot of time moving around with Andrews and Darby both out.

Marquez White was back at practice today. He is also on the basketball team and has missed a couple practices due to the NIT. He did not make the trip to New York with the team, but I am not sure if he will go after the scrimmage today. The football team does’t practice tomorrow.

-ACC referee Ron Cherry was on hand to work the scrimmage today.