Why FSU Should Never Create a Twitter Campaign for Winston Ever Again

When Florida State decided to create a Twitter campaign for fans to ask quarterback Jameis Winston questions, they had no idea it would turn out the way it did.

Or did they?

Here’s the deal. The university’s communication department didn’t exactly think this one through all the way. Their plan was to have  people ask football related questions via social media, using #AskJameis, but they ended up scratching their heads when people began verbally attacking him. Of course that would happen! After all the scrutiny, the legal/ethical misconduct, and more that has involved Winson, how could that not happen?

These tweets were just a few of many that involved crab legs, raping, and other attacks. We know that Winston has been very heavily scrutinized for each of his recent mistakes and this just took it to another level.

The funny part about this social media campaign was that FSU sports information director Elliott Finebloom admitted that he figured there would be some negative comments. That sounds like wishful thinking, my friend.

Finebloom did tell the Associated Press that the overall goal of the Q&A was to to connect their fans with the players. Even if the Twitter chat was a fail, fans were able to engage with the QB.

Most tweets were aimed at Winston, others questioned the university. Many fans/haters got pretty creative with their questions and found some way to keep the crab jokes rolling.

Let’s learn from this, shall we? If a well known athlete has been accused of a serious crime and/or scrutinized for mistakes, don’t push him into the school of social media sharks and expect a positive outcome. Period.