FSU Issues a Response to the NY Times Article

Florida State University has issued a response to the New York Times article published earlier today which details multiple shortcomings by the University and the Tallahassee Police Department in the investigation of the alleged rape committed by Jameis Winston.

Winston was cleared of all charges earlier this year, but the University it currently being investigated for violating Federal Title IX regulations stemming from the handling of the case.

In its response the University stated that it “provided the newspaper with a general statement…and numerous written answers over a period of weeks,” and that “most of the responses were left out of the story, giving readers an incorrect impression of the university’s efforts on behalf of sexual assault victims under Title IX. ”

The University holds that ” The Times has done its readers, as well as the FSU community, a disservice by omitting these answers and by seriously misrepresenting the university’s concern and care for its students who are victims of sexual assault.”

The statement in its entirety can be found at the link above as can the NY Times article that prompted the statement.