FSU Football 2014 Number Changes

Florida State’s sports information office has announced the following number changes for the 2014 football season:
Number Changes
RB Ryan Green – No. 6
DB Tyrell Lyons – No. 22
DB Jalen Ramsey – No. 8
FB Freddie Stevenson – No. 23
LB Matthew Thomas – No. 6
DB Nick Waisome – No. 6
WR/KR Kermit Whitfield – No. 8
Freshmen Early Enrollees
RB Dalvin Cook – No. 4
LS Stephen Gabbard – No. 49
DB Trey Marshall – No. 20

No. 6 is once again a contested number on FSU’s defense. DB Nick Waisome and DE Dan Hicks battled over the number last season with Hicks eventually prevailing and Waisome switching to  No. 14. Waisome has made the switch back to No. 6 for the 2014, but LB Mathew Thomas has also claimed the number. Waisome seems like he will have the upper hand this time around as he has seniority over Mathew Thomas, but don’t expect  this to be resolved anytime soon. The battle lasted into late summer last season.