FSU: Fisher On Defending The No-Huddle Nevada

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media Thursday about Saturday’s match up against Nevada.

“We got some things done today and we’re ready to play again – it’s like a second season opener. Dadgumit it feels like it’s taken forever. Hopefully we dotted some I’s and crossed some T’s and can be efficient. I like what we did today.”

On redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Ruben Carter stepping up with Tre’ Jackson being listed as doubtful
“I’m extremely confident (in Ruben). I think he’s had a good week of practice, has done some really nice things and played well in the game the other day. I feel very comfortable with Ruben.”

On a few injuries to the offensive line allowing other guys on the depth chart to step up
“There’s no doubt, it’s a great opportunity and you never know when that number is called. Ruben (Carter) did it the other day and has practiced well and performed well. I think if Tre’ (Jackson) had to play he could play in case of an emergency. I think he’s hobbled but he’s healing pretty quickly. I think we could get him back here in the next week or so, but those guys have an opportunity and it’s nice to see him play well.”

On reports Wednesday night of Cameron Erving having an injury
“He’s fine. He got banged in the back and they just wanted to get him a CAT scan and shot just to make sure he was alright. He’s fine, he practiced all day.”

On offensive lineman Austin Barron’s recovery
“He’s right on the verge of coming back – he’s right on the edge of it. I think he’ll be back at practice on Monday, I really do. It’s what we’re planning on.”

On the opportunity for someone like Ruben Carter to seize the opportunity to play
“There’s nothing like being able to do it and realize you can do it. Saying I can do it and preparing like I can do it, but until you go out in the game and actually do it (is special). It’s never doubt, it’s that nervous energy when you have to do it for the first time, and it’s very rewarding to see the hard work has paid off, and I’m very proud of him. You’re going to have to jump in and make plays and he’s done it. It’s reassuring that the confidence and what we’ve seen in spring ball and through the summer and into camp, it’s reassuring that that’s what we’re seeing.”

On getting some hot practices in
“That’s why we stayed out today. We were out every day this week. Of course, practicing it when we’re on the field at 3:30 p.m. is exactly the same time we’re playing. It’s very good preparation for what we want to go through.”

On replenishing the defense with the temperatures expected to be high on game day
“With all the reps and all the things, we’ve got to make sure we have guys ready and that they can get their rest.”

On the importance of getting to and defending third down against a no-huddle team like Nevada
“Against a no-huddle team, that’s the down. You get a third down and you get off the field, you can win some battles because it’s hard for those no-huddle teams to get into a rhythm. Third down is critical in any ball game, especially against a team like this.”


FSU Injury Report – Nevada Game

Out for Season
TE – Kevin Haplea (knee)
WR – Jarred Haggins (knee)

Out for Game
TE – Jeremy Kerr (knee)
OL – Austin Barron (foot)

OL – Tre’ Jackson (ankle)