FSU Fifth Quarter: Savannah State

FSU Fifth Quarter is a weekly column recapping the week that was in Florida State football. Offense, defense, and special teams are broken down, and highly-coveted tomahawk helmet stickers are awarded based on performance. Nothing comes easy around here, and like Coach Fisher says, “You gotta earn it.” The name of the column, “Fifth Quarter,” pays tribute to one of the greatest Seminole victories of all-time.

“In the 1994 installment of their annual rivalry, the Florida Gators blew a 28-point fourth quarter lead, resulting in a 31-31 tie affectionately known by Seminole fans as “The Choke at Doak.”  The selection committee for the Sugar Bowl knew fans wanted a rematch to determine a winner. Prior to kickoff, scoreboards in the Superdome read FSU 31, Florida 31 entering the fifth quarter, and thus the “Fifth Quarter in the French Quarter” was born.” The Seminoles won 23–17.


In case you missed it…..

         Florida State                   Savannah State

                  55                                      0

The Seminoles only played a little over a half of football against Savannah State, so it’s only fair that this week I write a little over half an article. All jokes aside, there won’t be too much to talk about in regards to the Noles “scrimmage” against the Tigers on Saturday. Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t, but FSU was favored to win by 70.5 points, the largest point spread in any type of sport. Ever. The football gods seemed to have mercy on poor Savannah State, as the game was officially called due to weather with 8:49 left in the third quarter with FSU leading 55-0. This was the final tune-up for the Noles as they now prepare to begin conference play against Wake Forest this coming Saturday.


Remember back when you were in school, and at recess you and your friends would play football against the little kids? That’s exactly what I thought of when I was in Tallahassee watching the Noles beat up on Savannah State. EJ Manuel connected with senior receiver Rodney Smith for a 63-yard touchdown strike on the second play of the game and the route was on. Manuel had a short work day, finishing 11-of-13 passing for 161 yards and three touchdowns in a first quarter that saw the Noles pile up 255 yards. Second and third team players held down the fort for the rest of the way, as the Noles led 48-0 at the half and would add one more score in the third quarter before the game was finally called off. In total, the offense racked up 413 yards in a little over two quarters of play.

Overall Rating: 5 Tomahawks, not even close.



As bad as I felt for the Savannah State defense, I felt even worse for their offense. Having to go up against one of the best defenses in college football is not easy for anyone, but when you’re Savannah State, forget about it. The Noles defense put up Playstation-type numbers against the Tigers. By the time the game was officially called in the third quarter, the Tigers had a total of three first downs (a little high for my standards) and amassed 28 total yards. 28 total yards.

Overall Rating: Do I even have to say?


Special Teams

Now we talked last week about how tight of a ship I run around here. If you do the math, the Noles scored eight touchdowns but ended up with 55 points instead of 56. Coming into the game, senior All-American candidate Dustin Hopkins had a streak of 139 consecutive extra-points without a miss. Well, guess what? He missed one on Saturday. I know the field may have been a little slick, but c’mon man…..

Overall Rating: 4.5 Tomahawks again, for the second week in a row. Step your game up.

 Next Up on Friday 9/14: Plant The Spear: Wake Forest