FSU Fan Creates “Ignition Deletion” Campaign

Well, the unveiling of FSU’s new logo, Ignition…Tradition, has come and gone but one fan in particular is not happy about the update. This fan is in fact so unhappy that she has created her own campaign against the new logo.

She debuted a sign at the spring game with #IgnitionDeletion slapped across the top.

Ignition Deletion

The fan behind the sign is an alumna of Florida State who created the sign to express her opinion against the new university updates.

That did not go over well. The fan was later escorted out of the game for her sign being “against policy.” In her blog, she says that being escorted out of her home team’s stadium made her “feel like a criminal.”


This obviously made her upset, but on her way out of the stadium, she ran into an athletics staff member. The fan claims that he did not pay much attention to her when she “expressed her concern and dissatisfaction.”

His disinterested response to her opinions made her even more upset and ignited her desire to further look into standing up for what she believes in.

It looks like she’s not the only one who disagrees with the new logo. Another fan handed her this button that features a now common phrase among angry Seminoles.

Save Our Chief

In this fan’s blog, she writes about the reasoning behind her “Ignition Deletion” campaign. She explains that the old logo is “everything we know and love.” She claims that this new logo throws away the legacy of FSU and ruins the tradition.

She encourages the visitors of her blog to email the AD and the Alumni Association to voice their opinions and to stop giving money to the school.

What she doesn’t realize is that the new logo and uniforms unveiled by the school is a done deal. She may not be in favor of change, but like it or not, change is here and a new era has begun in Tallahassee.

To see her blog, click here.