FSU Alum and Artist’s Solution to Fix Logo

Facebook and Twitter blew up Wednesday night when the new Florida State logo was leaked. Fans, alumni, and current students are pretty upset at the “new and improved” changes. One brave alum and current employee of the university took it upon herself to create her own version of an updated logo and it happens to be fantastic.

In her blog, Jodi Slade says that she has two degrees from this university and one is in design. She even works for the university as an illustrator and designer and she’s very happily employed there. This is why she decided to create her own version of her beloved Seminole head.

Here is the comparison of the original logo to her redesign.

Logo Comparison

Her redesign is completely reasonable and it fixed what the university originally wanted to make changes to. It’s clean, updated, and keeps the Florida State tradition alive. As a Seminole alum myself, I appreciate her thoughtfulness in recreating something that holds such significant tradition, while pleasing the university’s futuristic mindset.

The statement from the school reads:

“The issue was that our Seminole Head, while as recognizable and iconic as any in all of sports, does not reproduce well in a number of mediums. It is particularly difficult to embroider and impossible to accurately represent on some materials including at midfield at Doak Campbell Stadium.”

You can read the full statement from FSU athletics, here. Complaining and whining about the new logo change might not make a difference. But Jodi said it best…

“Use this logo idea or don’t, there are a good number of other improved designs floating around the internet. But I strongly urge FSU Athletics to consider my critiques of the new logo as I come from the unique perspective of not only being a designer and artist, but an alumna of the University.  I know that I am not alone in my opinion that the new logo is unacceptable and that the old one didn’t need to be changed anyway.  We feel deceived by FSU Athletics in a year where everything is supposed to be about celebrating a tradition of excellence, a National Championship year.  We’re not looking for identity, I think we’re pretty dadgum sure who we are as True Seminoles.”

Well said, Jodi.

To check out her blog and the full article from her, visit: Jodi Slade, jodislade.blogspot.com