Florida State Players Eligible to Enter 2014 Draft

Kelvin Benjamin
Benjamin weighs in at 234 pounds and towers at 6’5”. This redshirt sophomore wide receiver may seem too young to play for the pro’s but he’ll be turning 23 next month. His extraordinary athleticism and size makes him a great NFL contender. He positions himself well to make tough catches and he had a fantastic season with the Seminoles in 2013. He’s projected to go in the second round of the draft as the 27th pick.

Timmy Jernigan
The aggressive defensive tackle has been projected to be selected 22nd overall with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks were eighth in the league in sacks during 2013 and adding Jernigan to the roster will make their front line even more daunting.

Nick O’Leary
The tight end who made a huge impact on FSU’s season this past year is still deciding whether to enter the draft. He told press that he plans to wait until after tonight’s game for the NFL Draft Advisory Board to see where he could be selected. If he returns to Florida State for another season, he has a good chance of being the nation’s top-ranked tight end in 2014.

Cameron Erving
This offensive tackle is predicted to go at number 20 to the Arizona Cardinals. Arizona is in need of quarterback protection since QB Carson Palmer was sacked over 40 times in the 2013 season. The Cardinals traded their OT during the season, which left a huge hole in the offensive line. Erving was extremely productive in his role during 2013 and he’s a natural athlete who will succeed in the NFL.