Florida State and Notre Dame pass time with rain delay shenanigans

FLORIDA STATE NEWS: Rain Delay Shenanigans

Florida State and Notre Dame never got the chance to play baseball Saturday night, but the two teams found ways to entertain themselves throughout the two-hour weather delay.

From bowling to jousting and even a Notre Dame hunting trip the teams battled back and forth to see who could put on the most creative show. Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston joined in on the show with his teammates as he played quarterback during a faux-football play and serving as the mount for his catching-gear wearing teammate during a round of jousting.

Winston and crew won the jousting match, but the Fighting Irish stole the show when they reenacted a deer hunting trip. Multiple Notre Dame players ran around the outfield with gloves serving as antlers while a teammate picked them off from the third-baseline with a baseball bat shotgun.

FSU attempted a response when Luke Weaver played the role of the fish  during a Seminole team fishing trip. He flopped around on the tarp as teammates reeled him in.  The act was creative, but failed to top the Notre Dame hunting skit.

The antics eventually died down, but not before FSU played a game of tennis using teammates as the net and Notre Dame set up games of curling and basketball.

Lightning in the area forced the game to be postponed a little after 8 p.m.. The team will play a doubleheader tomorrow with the first game scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.