Fisher Wanted Bama, Not Auburn

Jimbo Fisher

Didn’t we all? A National Championship trophy was well deserved in Tallahassee but Florida State fans would have preferred to have beaten Alabama for it.

Now, Jimbo Fisher says he wishes that were the case, too.

According to College Football Talk, when Fisher was giving a pep talk to the FSU softball team, he mentioned that he wanted to take down the best of the best.

“I didn’t want to be in the SEC and win a championship,” Fisher said. “I wanted to be in the ACC and win (a national title). I wanted to break that mold. I wanted to play. We were begging to play an SEC team and we were hoping it was Alabama.”

Fisher obviously wasn’t insinuating that Auburn was less than a tough opponent, he was just wishing what every other other ACC school wishes for–to take down the top SEC team.

Remember the chant, “We Want Bama?” I wonder if Fisher secretly chanted that with the rest of his thousands of Seminole fans.

Florida State will have non-conference scheduling requirements under the new policy but don’t get too excited. Alabama will most likely not be on the schedule.

But, why not? There could a pretty solid rivalry built up.

Don’t forget, there’s always the playoffs.

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