Fisher and Winston Set Goals for Spring


Even though Jameis Winston led the Seminoles to an undefeated season and a national championship, both he and Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher say that there are improvements to be made. That is what they plan to focus on this spring. Winston is trying to work on developing more power through his hips.

During this spring, Winston is throwing both on the football field and on the pitcher’s mound, which is ultimately limiting his time to focus on detailed mechanics. A couple weeks ago, Winston planned out and set his spring goals. He wants to hold the football higher and have more power going through his hips during his delivery of the ball. These are weaknesses that Fisher and quarterbacks coach Randy Sanders noticed during the national championship game.

According to ESPN, Fisher said he has more to learn.

“He hasn’t played up to his capability. He’s missed some throws. That’s part of it, you have to grind through it. Not everything is a utopia.”

Fisher also mentioned that Winston is also dealing with new wide receivers that don’t have as much experience as senior Rashad Greene. But, overall, Fisher is pleased with how his team has responded to his message for the need to stay motivated, even though they are coming off a strong two-year run and a national championship.

Fisher told ESPN, “… We’re not going to have a bad culture, a lazy culture or a soft culture.”

If the Seminoles keep it up, it’s unlikely for them to be considered “soft.”

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