Comparing Winston to Bo Jackson

Jameis Winston FSU has yet to speak about the issue that hangs over him
Bo Jackson was the only All-Star athlete in two major American sports during his prime and he was named the greatest athlete of all time by ESPN. Is it fair to compare him to Jameis Winston of Florida State?

Well, Jameis could very well be on his way to eventually boasting honors just as reputable as Jackson but for now, it’s easy to see similarities between the young Jackson and the starting FSU QB.

Jameis Winston is a two-sport athlete, just as Bo was. He splits his time between pitching for Florida State baseball and throwing passes on the grid iron for the National Champion football team. Oh, we almost forgot to mention his Heisman trophy, an award that Jackson has sitting on a shelf somewhere, too.

According to College Football Talk, the two famous athletes were also born in the same small Alabama town. But, Jackson wore orange and navy blue in college–colors that Jameis will never sport on his jersey.

Now that Jackson’s glory days have come and gone, he admits he sees a little of himself in Famous Jameis, so he is offering some words of wisdom. According to, he says Winston should make his own decisions.

“People tried to tell me ‘Well, he shouldn’t do this,’ and it wouldn’t be right for me to say what he should do or shouldn’t do. I think he should follow his heart. He should experience success or failure on his own. I think he’s man enough to do that and admit either way. I just wish him luck. He’s from my hometown, so he’s a homeboy. I wish him luck.”

Jameis admits that even though he has a passion for both sports, his ultimate dream is to be a quarterback in the NFL.

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