Clemson Fan Comedy Jam

With the FSU/Clemson battle royale just a few days away, I decided to scour the interwebs for some insightful fan takes on the upcoming “Clash Of The ACC Titans.” After spending hour upon hour (or a minute or two) of navigating through the treacherous Clemson infested YouTube waters looking for over-excited adults wearing jerseys and giving predictions from their mom’s basement, I came upon a magic so powerful and majestic that it needed to be shared. If you have small children in the room, tell them to earmuff it. They’ll understand. I now bring you the best of the best of Clemson internet smack (along a nice little FSU poke at the Tigers for good measure). Enjoy…..

Clemson Tom comes out with guns blazing in his offering. He reminds everyone of how loud it is in Death Valley (about 42 times) while maintaining a Jameis Winston-esque composure if front of the camera. The guy is a gamer.


All bear witness to the brilliance of Brazzy B. Brazzy tells it like it is with an Eminem 8-Mile-type delivery. He’s only swaying back and forth throughout the entire video because he’s so fired up, not because he has Parkinson’s.


Brazzy B wasn’t done roasting the Noles, no, not just yet. B returns to his mom’s basement the set to once again to spread the word of Brazzy to the world. This time around he is even more fired up, as is showcased by the barrage of F-Bombs Brazzy lobs at the weak and helpless Seminole fans. He is fired up and boy does it show. Love the enthusiasm AND the Natty Ice.


The Noles fire back with Clemson Hitler finding out that Jameis Winston is the new FSU QB in place of the departed E.J. Manuel. I could never feel bad for Hitler, but man, I don’t know what will happen if the Noles walk out of Death Valley with a ‘W’. Blitzkrieg!


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