Auburn OC Makes Excuse for National Title Loss

Rhett Lashlee Auburn
The BCS National Championship game may have been about 5 months ago, but the Auburn Tigers are still feeling the sting from the loss handed to them by Florida State.

Apparently, Auburn offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee told that there were some things they could have done better to win the game.

“We could’ve executed much better and really named our score in that game, and we didn’t,” Lashlee said.

“We let them hang around and we ended up losing the football game…From an offensive standpoint, if we would’ve executed at a higher level, there were plays here or there that maybe even the average fan doesn’t see that, if we just executed, we stay on the field on third down, or it’s not a bust and a sack or a throw-away, it’s a touchdown. That could have blown the thing open.”

Everyone has regrets and it seems that Lashlee may never let this one go.

There’s always next year, Auburn.

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