ACC Concludes No Targeting in FSU Game

FSU_2013Maryland head coach Randy Edsall pleaded for a penalty when quarterback C.J. Brown took a vicious hit from two Florida State defenders, linebacker Christian Jones and defensive lineman Jacobbi McDaniel, in the first half of the Terps 63-0 loss on Saturday.

The play has been reviewed by Doug Rhoads, the ACC’s coordinator of officials, at Maryland’s request, and the league ruled that McDaniel’s hit doesn’t fall within the definition of targeting because McDaniel didn’t hit the quarterback with the crown of his helmet.

The hit did knock Brown out of the game, and the Terps’ starting quarterback has been listed as “day-to-day” for Saturday’s game against Virginia; the final meeting between the two as crossover rivals.

Maryland’s argument is that Brown, having just released the pass, was defenseless because Christian Jones was holding the quarterback around the waist when McDaniel made contact.

Source: Chip Patterson, CBS Sports