Will Muschamp Confident About Keeping His Job Even Though You Aren’t

 Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp loses at home against Vandy. The pressure of his future in Gainesville will be more intense after this loss.

With college football season right around the corner, Gator fans and haters alike have been speculating what might happen come August. Will Florida pick up the pieces and make it a solid season or will they flop?

Regardless of what happens, coach Will Muschamp has said over and over again that he is not worried about his job. Well, why not? The Gators had their first losing year since 1979 and 2013 was a disaster of a season. They haven’t shown much improvement over the summer so I’m still waiting for Muschamp to enlighten us with his solution to save the swamp.

According to reports, Muschamp was positive and upbeat during SEC Media Day Monday and he said there’s a lot of talent to show off this year. His positivity needs to translate on the field or he’s out.

Quarterback Jeff Driskel returns this season and I can’t decide if that’s a good or a terrible thing. He only played three games last year because of a leg fracture so without much experience, how can Muschamp expect him to be the key player that turns it around for them? I guess we can use the example of Jameis Winston here. He started as a redshirt freshman and look how successful he is now…

Okay, so Driskel could be their saving grace. Muschamp is also banking on new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper to help bring new life to a desperate offense.

Muschamp may be confident in himself and his guys, but all eyes will be on him this August and critics will emerge from everywhere.

Beware Gators, the pressure is on.