Urban Meyer’s Wife Has a Message for Gator Fans

Urban Meyer

We know that Urban Meyer left the Florida Gators four years ago, but it seems that Gator fans still haven’t gotten over the break up. Well, Mrs. Meyer has a special message for those fans and it’s pretty harsh.

Shelley Meyer isn’t happy that her husband has been given grief for leaving and he supposedly still deals with haters to this day. Shelley told the Gainesville Sun that she goes back to Gainesville throughout the year and she loves the people there. But, she says that the people who hate them, don’t really know them.

“I just wish people would get over it. I wish we could have been there 12 years. I’m the most bummed that we weren’t there 12 years.”

So what it is that causes so much hatred for the Meyers, even though it’s been a few years since their departure. Some might say that he left with things left undone and their record slipped because of it.

The Meyers recognize that you can’t please every fan and they appreciate the ones who have stayed by their side, no matter what.