Urban Meyer (Sort of) Regrets Florida Exit

There are probably few things Gator fans would want to see more than a national championship game between Florida and Ohio State next January. A chance for the Orange and Blue to take down former coach Urban Meyer on the game’s highest stage would have Florida fans salivating.

Last week, the coach of the Big Ten-favorite Buckeyes sat down with Jeremy Fowler from CBSSports to discuss several topics, including his departure from Florida. He had some interesting things to say on the subject.

Meyer told Fowler that he kind of regrets leaving Florida, particularly the way it went down.

“I didn’t at first. I thought we did a good job. We did our best. I look back now, the way it ended was certainly a regret. Does that mean it haunts me? Not at all. I’ve always felt our job is to do a good job and do it the right way, do it ethically and for the best interest of the student-athlete — check, check, check.

“I’ll always be associated with the school, and my great friends are there and all that. Absolutely none with that. It just wasn’t a normal way to move on. There would have been if I would have stayed out. I was worried about survival for a little bit.”

Meyer, as you have probably heard before, said his family struggled with the move once he decided to take over at OSU.

“We were gypsies for so long. We finally settled in and had our home. That was that. Right as things happened I said, ‘I’m done; we’ll stay here; I’m tired of coaching.’

“Then opportunities show up, and we move, and here’s a kid [son Nate] who lived in a place for seven years – he didn’t like it; he loved it. It was a really hard move. Everything’s good now, and we’re settled in, but I mean really hard.”

Meyer also said that there is “no question” he would still be at Florida if his health issues never surfaced. Although Florida fans may not be able to picture it today, Florida was willing to bend over backwards to keep Meyer years ago.

Although he didn’t say anything controversial, Florida fans might look at his statements and wonder why he keeps talking about his career in Gainesville. Some people around the University of Florida are just tired of hearing about the former great Gator coach.

If it comes down to a battle between Meyer and the Gators for the championship, things will definitely get interesting.

Finally, Meyer did take a subtle shot at the Southeastern Conference as a whole, qualifying their success a bit.

“Just look on a map where the players are. There’s certainly a population shift. I also think that’s cyclical. There was a time when New Jersey was loaded with potential NFL players. There are other times it’s not…

“I think some of the good players from the northern part or eastern part [of the United States] went down south. When you’re losing Sharrif Floyd and Dominique Easley, those are usually guys who would stay up [in the Northeast].”

That  being said, Meyer’s Buckeyes against any SEC team will be must-watch TV. Do you think Ohio State is good enough to make a run at the national title this season?