Tuck: Johnny Manziel Is A Legend In The Making

The Texas A&M redshirt freshman quarterback is listed at 6’1″, 200 pounds.  They call Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football.  That’s cool with me.  I think he is the most fun to watch, most exciting player in college football today.

On Saturday night, and into Sunday morning, Manziel led the Aggies to a 59-57 win over previously unbeaten Louisiana Tech in Shreveport.  He finished 24/40 for 395 yards and 3 touchdowns.  He rushed 19 times for 181 yards and 3 touchdowns too.  The 576 total yards broke the SEC record for most total yards in a game.  The record was previously owned by Johnny Manziel.  Yes, the freshman already set the record in a 58-10 thrashing of Arkansas with 557 in his 4th game.  Archie Manning (Ole Miss) in 1969 and Rohan Davey (LSU) in 2001 held the mark previous with 540.

Johnny Football also leads the SEC in rushing with 676 yards on just 91 carries.  He also has cashed 10 touchdown runs, tied with Marcus Lattimore for the most in the conference.

What is most outstanding about him is simply his feel for the game.  He can throw.  He can run.  He seems to know when is the right time to do each.   He truly must be seen to be believed.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a good comparison for him.  He might most closely resemble Robert Griffin III.  Physically they were the same size, but RG3 was an inch or two taller at the same age.  And statistically, he is going to far exceed what the Heisman winner did as a freshman.  He reminds me a little of Doug Flutie too, but he is about 5 inches taller than the BC legend.  It is tough to compare him to many run-first quarterbacks because he can throw.  I’d argue he is better and more diverse than any quarterback we’ve ever seen as a freshman.  Mike Vick was more spectacular because of his lightning quick moves and laser rocket arm, but he wasn’t as poised or as accurate.  Manziel may not be as crazy dangerous as Vick was, but he is dangerous in his own ways.  I most definitely feel like I am watching a legend in the making, and player that is only going to amaze us more the wiser, the bigger, and stronger he gets.

UNBEATEN COUNT: 12.  The Big East leads the way with 3 teams, and Ohio looks like the only real BCS buster out there.

WINLESS COUNT: 3.  Eastern Michigan, UMass, and Southern Miss.  The Golden Eagles had won 80 games over the previous ten seasons.  This is clearly uncharted territory for them.

My top 25 is about two weeks away from getting really complicated.

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida
4. Notre Dame
5. Kansas State
6. Oregon State
7. Ohio State
8. FSU
9. LSU
10. South Carolina
11. USC
12. Oklahoma
13. Clemson
14. Texas Tech
15. Louisville
16. West Virginia
17. Cincinnati
18. Mississippi State
19. Georgia
20. Arizona State
21. Texas A&M
22. Louisiana Tech
23. Ohio
24. Rutgers
25. Stanford


– I knew it would happen and could see it coming with these clowns that call themselves voters in both the AP and Coach’s Polls.  Texas Tech just undressed West Virginia 49-14, and yet remain behind them with both teams at 5-1.  (13/17 Coach’s, 17/18 AP).  The Red Raiders only loss was to Oklahoma.

– Johnny Manziel wasn’t the only star in Shreveport Saturday.  Louisiana Tech WR Quinton “The General” Patton hit blackjack with 21 catches for 233 yards and four touchdowns.  Early in the game I was saying this kid is no Troy Edwards, but by the end I wasn’t so sure.  He is very quick with sticky fingers.

– Just when you thought LSU couldn’t get any deeper in their offensive backfield, they introduce freshman RB Jeremy Hill.  My word, 17-124 and game-clinching 50 yard TD run later you wonder why Les Miles hasn’t been playing the kid more.  So many mouths to feed in Death Valley.

– LSU’s offensive line physically dominated South Carolina’s front seven.  That is why they won that game, which was much closer on the scoreboard than in the trenches.

– Incredibly disappointed by the Red River Blowout.  Oklahoma dominated on offense and defense.  The game was never close.  The Longhorns defense can’t be considered good with flaws, now I’d just call them bad.  You can’t miss that many tackles, regardless of how much “talent” you have.  The Sooners resembled the team people thought they would be in the preseason.

– Florida: Survive and advance.  Gators will need to play much better against the Gamecocks this week if they want to control their SEC and National Title destiny.  And I have ZERO issue with the BCS rankings placing them second.  Truth is they probably should be first based on their body of work.  And the computers have them there.  And Notre Dame second.  I think that is completely and totally legit.  I just have been locked into Alabama-Oregon for since the beginning and haven’t seen a reason, other than opponents, to move either down.

– Mississippi State, you got my attention.  Still not sure how good you are, but you’re pretty good.

– The luck of the Irish.  If the game is in Palo Alto, I think ND-Stanford are playing double overtime assuming the Cardinal kick and make the extra point.

– Wisconsin.  I see you.  You’re not dead yet.  In fact, your in the driver’s seat to defend your Big Ten title again.

– Ole Miss ended a 16 game SEC losing streak.  Auburn, and Gene Chizik better find the next Cam Newton in the offseason, if he can survive until then.



Could a freshman win the thing?  Johnny Football would have to do a lot of winning between now and the end of the season, but with the Mountaineers taking a pounding, it certainly has reopened the discussion for a lot of players with a loss on the resume.  By Halloween I’ll have a top ten for you.  Promise.