Tuck: Bracketology- 3 Weeks To Go

I’ve expanded to the top half of the bracket.  It will get to be a little more each time after this as the field becomes more defined.  It’s hard to envision any team below not making the tournament.

– The #1 seeds remain the same and the race to the top overall seed should be fascinating, much like last year where Louisville came off the pace to claim the top overall seed.  Right now, I’d give the Gators a slight edge, but I think they could actually be passed without losing a game because of the weakness of the SEC.

– Kansas, who already won the Big XII, is the team waiting to pounce.

– The SEC will suffer the most if there are upsets  in conference tournaments because they currently have the worst group of bubble teams.  Tennessee, Missouri, Ole Miss, LSU, and Arkansas could all suffer outside of whatever they do themselves.

– The Big East and A-10 could take out their own depending on how match-ups go the next couple of weeks.

– North Carolina, winners of 10 straight, is a high-riser.  They can keep climbing too.

– Virginia, if they beat Syracuse, will be in position to win the ACC, and will make for an interesting debate in seeding.


The top 32 teams…


1. Florida

2. Creighton

3. Virginia

4. Cincinnati

5. Ohio State

6. Texas

7. Iowa

8. Kansas State



1. Syracuse

2. Michigan State

3. Louisville

4. St. Louis


6. Oklahoma

7. Pittsburgh

8. SMU




1. Arizona

2. Duke

3. Iowa State

4. San Diego State

5. Kentucky

6. UConn

7. UMass

8. Memphis


1. Wichita State

2. Kansas

3. Wisconsin

4. Villanova

5. North Carolina

6. New Mexico

7. Arizona State

8. Gonzaga