Kirk Herbstreit Gets Grief About Gators

Florida_Gators_logo_2012Kirk Herbstreit wants to set the record straight for Gators fans.

For the past six seasons, at least one preseason top-10 team has finished the season out of the Associated Press top 25. When ESPN asked Herbstreit to predict who might be next, he picked No. 10 Florida.

Herbstreit had to pick someone, and he concluded the Gators’ tough schedule and unproven skill players on offense might cost Florida a handful of games.

“How in the heck can you sit here in August and pick someone in the the top 10 that’s going to potentially finish unranked?” Herbstreit told the Sentinel this week. “I had no idea.

“I’m sure that is not how it was presented to everybody,” he added. “Like I’m standing on the soapbox, saying ‘Florida’s no good!’ That was not my intent.”

Herbstreit’s selection – televised a dozen or so times last weekend on Sportscenter – immediately became message board fodder for Gators fans.

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