Jeff Driskel’s Interesting Fallback Plan

Oftentimes in life, people will have multiple plans—different directions their lives could potentially go. Plan B is always a good thing to have, and people will sometimes look to things they’ve done in the past to solidify their future.

And it is interesting, as it was reported last week, to see Gators quarterback Jeff Driskel sign with the Boston Red Sox, who drafted him in the 29th round of the Major League Baseball draft last month.

Jeff Driskel may be wearing white socks in this photo, but he could be suiting up for the Red Sox sometime in the future. (Gatorzone)

NCAA rules allow athletes to sign MLB contracts while remaining eligible in football as long as Driskel doesn’t start signing endorsement deals. Although Driskel won’t be headed to any baseball complexes this summer for the Red Sox, he wanted to have Plan B there nonetheless.

“I plan on focusing on football and finishing my college career with the Gators,” he said. “After my college football career is over I want to pursue a career in the NFL. If I ever decide I want to play baseball, I want to play with the Boston Red Sox who drafted me in the recent draft.”

Driskel hasn’t played competitive baseball since he was in high school, but he hasn’t exactly established himself as an NFL prospect to this point in his career, so this may be a smart move in the long run.

As to how he would actually fare if he attempted to suit up and hit the baseball diamond, no one can know for sure. But at least Driskel has a fallback plan.