Gators to Implement Modern Offense in 2014


Gator fans are hoping for a comeback year for the Florida football team in 2014 and for that to happen, offensive coordinator Kurt Roper plans to utilize QB Jeff Driskel.

Driskel is set to return from a broken leg and now that there is a new offensive coordinator in place, Florida hopes to make offense more dynamic than it was last year.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Coach Will Muschamp thinks Driskel will adjust well to a new style of offense.

“I think he’s more comfortable in the gun. A lot of the reason why we went to this was because of Jeff and as we move forward at the quarterback position.”

Driskel has some stats going under center and out of the shotgun that are far from impressive. These stats were of course recorded under former offensive coordinator Brent Pease. But Roper brings a more modern offense that could end up turning things around for Florida.

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