Gators QB Driskel Drafted by the Boston Red Sox

The ball might be a little differently shaped, but I think Driskel could heave it just the same. He was drafted by the Boston Red Sox on Saturday.

If someone told you that Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel was drafted in the 29th round, you might have a double-take. Wait, what? There are only seven rounds! How is that even possible?

Turns out, that is exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon. In the 29th round of the 2013 Major League Baseball Draft, the Boston Red Sox selected Driskel with the 863rd overall pick.

It’s not a joke, either. In high school, Driskel played football and baseball at Hagerty High School in Oviedo, where he hit for a .330 batting average in his junior year. He was an outfielder (also the position at which he was drafted) and expressed interest in being a two-sport athlete upon arriving at Florida in 2010.

Although such an arrangement never panned out, the Red Sox still saw enough in Driskel to give him a chance to go pro right now. Granted, he would probably toil in the minors if he ever negotiated what would amount to minimum-salary deal, but the option is there for him.

For those wondering, Driskel was eligible despite having just completed his sophomore year because he enrolled in the 2010-2011 academic year. This qualifies him as a junior by MLB standards.

Don’t fret, though, Gator fans. Driskel isn’t going anywhere. However, consider it a vote of confidence that the Red Sox, a fairly elite Major League team, considered him a good enough athlete to give him a shot.

And now Driskel will always have this reminder. If he wants to make it in the National Football League, the 29th round just isn’t going to cut it.