Gators Players Bury Their Past Under Practice Field (Literally)

Will Muschamp
Last season, the Florida Gators had a pretty tough time getting through the year. Their 4-8 record wasn’t anything short of embarrassing, but that is already in the past.

At the start of the summer, the Gators decided to bury their past and move forward. Literally. According to Jeff Barlis of ESPN, the players had a meeting at the beginning of the summer to talk about last season. They wrote their thoughts on a piece of paper, dug a hole into the field, and buried it.

The players couldn’t get away from the daunting numbers, 4 and 8. Safety Keanu Neal recalls players having a bad attitude last year and he didn’t want that for this season. He even said that last year was as bad it is gets. Not only did the Gators lose to Georgia Southern, but Neal recalls the feeling when their rivals Florida State won the national title. He says, after that, things couldn’t get any worse.