Florida vs. Georgia Southern: Should We Have Seen This Coming?

Did we ignore the signs? Could we have been better prepared for such an injury-riddled season?

It started in April. Remember? Florida had to cancel the spring game because of the number of injuries to the offensive line. Should that have been a red flag?

Skyler Mornhinweg will likely make his second career start against Georgia Southern. Can Mornhinweg and Kelvin Taylor help carry the team to victory?

Is the Florida strength and conditioning staff partly to blame?

If it had just been an injury here, or an injury there, we certainly wouldn’t be having this conversation. But about seven months later, with 10 Gators out for the season and many others still nicked up, I wonder if some of this could have been prevented.

Obviously, there is a lot of chance involved with injuries and some are more random than others. But when seemingly random events happen over and over again, you have to wonder whether the Gators are the unluckiest team in the world or whether the coaching staff should shoulder some of the blame themselves.

Either way, the cancellation of the spring game looks eerie in retrospect.

As far as this week’s game against the Georgia Southern Eagles goes, quarterback Tyler Murphy is expected to miss out on the action for the second straight week. Redshirt freshman quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg will likely start once again.

Personally, I believe the Gators are going to rest key injured players such as Murphy and cornerback Marcus Roberson in order to field the best possible team next week against Florida State.

Coach Will Muschamp said earlier this week that Murphy’s shoulder was much improved and because of that, I expect him to be back for the season finale, and I don’t expect Mornhinweg to air it out much against Georgia Southern. I think they’ll throw the ball a little bit more than last week, but I still expect the play-calling to be run-heavy.

And this is a team that can work against.


The Gators are 28-point favorites in the Swamp this week.

Yes, I think the Gators will win. Do I think they will win by 28 POINTS?!?! No way. I know Georgia Southern is an FCS team and all , but has Vegas watched Florida play this year? I don’t know how this team can be a 28-point favorite over anyone or anything.

I think that Florida wins easily, but that number is very high.

Florida 31 Georgia Southern 16