Florida-Georgia Game: No Alcohol

If you were looking forward to enjoying an alcoholic beverage while watching the Gators vs. Bulldogs matchup this fall, you’re going to be let down. According to College Football Talk, sources say that alcohol will not be sold at the big SEC competition this year.

The Florida Times-Union reported that it’s “highly unlikely” alcohol will be sold to the general public during the annual Florida-Georgia rivalry game.  As per SEC policy, alcohol is already permitted to be served in suites or premium seating areas of the Gator Bowl during the WLOCP.

This report comes right after another that said the SEC is prepared to review the alcohol policy for any neutral site game or home game played off-campus.

The only reason for allowing in-game alcohol sales for everyone is obviously money.  Minnesota noticed a profit of nearly $200,000 last season off the sale of beer and wine.  Another team that benefited from selling alcohol is West Virginia. They made a profit of over $500,000 in the first year of sales.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive told al.com alcohol is a serious issue.

“I haven’t heard any concerted interest in changing our rule, but our people would like to talk about it. We’re institutions of higher education and alcohol on campuses has been an issue for a long while. I think this is an area where we want to walk slowly and carefully.”

The concern, though, is obvious. There would be an increase in alcohol-related incidents inside the stadium.

“We’re going to wait for the SEC to work through its review, and if they do allow it, we could consult with the athletic directors and administrations at both schools [Florida and Georgia] and have discussions about safety concerns,” a spokesperson for Jacksonville mayor Alvin Brown said earlier this month.

The SEC will be holding spring meetings soon and the alcohol policy will most definitely be on the agenda.

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