Delta Decides to Fly Gators Before Others

Delta airlines forced passengers to find other travel plans when they cancelled a commercial flight to Atlanta so the players of Florida’s basketball team could get to their game on time.

The team was scheduled to leave Gainesville for their match-up against the Connecticut Huskies on Monday night. The airplane meant for the team had a maintenance delay so a different aircraft cancelled their connecting flight and instead used it as a charter flight for the Gators.

This obviously left passengers furious, who stood and watched orange and blue clad athletes walk past them and onto what was supposed to be their flight.

A spokesman for Delta said that those passengers were accommodated on other flights and were given coupons to use on a plane ticket in the future. They did apologize for the inconvenience during the holiday weekend.

All passengers who were originally scheduled to fly out that day did manage to make other arrangements and the last of the bunch left Monday. The flight was originally scheduled for 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

The Gators did make it to their game on time. 12th ranked Connecticut squeaked by with the win, 65-64.