Dan Quinn Foresees Success For Dominique Easley


Dan Quinn, a former defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators and current Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, predicts success or newly drafted New England Patriots first-round pick Dominique Easley. Quinn was the defensive coordinator at Florida for two years — 2011 and 2012 — and during those years, Easley played in 23 of his 32 career collegiate games.

Here’s what Quinn had to say regarding his thoughts on Easley, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal.

“I really do because of — one, the mind-set of the guy in terms of attitude. You’ve been around the guys who have it, and this guy has it,” Quinn said. “Two, he really has some unique skills because of that unique quickness that he has. I think when you combine those two things — mentally strong and tough, and then add the initial quickness part of it — I think he’ll find his own role how he can help the team. I think once that starts to work itself out and when he gets healthy, he’ll be rolling.”