Eagles Don’t Want Johnny Football


The first round of the NFL Draft is almost a week away and rumors have been swirling for several weeks in regards to the top prospects and their final landing spot. The most recent rumor to be squashed involves the Philadelphia Eagles and their disinterest in QB Johnny Manziel.

That’s right. According to Pro Football Talk, the rumor that the Eagles are interested in drafting  Manziel is supposedly false.

It’s obvious that coach Chip Kelly is impressed by the football star. Afterall, Kelly did try to recruit Manziel to play for Oregon.

But, rumors aside, quarterback Nick Foles is doing great things for the Eagles so Kelly isn’t searching the market for a replacement.

Not to mention, the Eagles have the 22nd pick in the first round. It’s doubtful that Manziel will be up for grabs at No. 22.

For more on this story visit: Michael David Smith, Pro Football Talk