Don’t Expect Bang for BCS Bucks

As we embark in on the final month of the college football regular season (yes I hear the groans) it’s time to be thankful that this is the final month we’ll be discussing BCS standings.

This isn’t going to be a “Bash the BCS” column because Dan Wetzel already wrote the book on it (still worth buying and reading, get it here) but rather one final question.

Say five teams or six (sorry Northern Illinois) teams finish the season undefeated. Not likely but not impossible. Why can’t they all play each other? I understand that Alabama and Oregon would be playing for the title but why can’t Ohio State and FSU play just because. Or Baylor and Northern Illinois? Or FSU and Baylor and Ohio State and Northern Illinois?

The BCS promised us 1 vs. 2 and for the most part they have delivered. However, they have failed at giving us the most compelling matchups otherwise. If Alabama and Oregon play in Pasadena why can’t FSU and Ohio State hook it up in Miami just to see if one or both of those teams were worth the ink and internet bandwidth wasted on them.

This is the area above all others where the BCS failed. They made the non-Championship Bowl game completely irrelevant. They left us with crappy games like Oklahoma-UConn and FSU-Northern Illinois. And when there were situations when teams like Boise State and TCU could put their undefeated records up against the best from the BCS conferences…the powers that be made them play each other.

The BCS guys seemed to enjoy trolling the annoyed fans of college football more than making good matchups so don’t expect 2013 to be any different as the threat of more than two undefeated teams increase down the stretch.

And now the picks.

Last Week: 7-3
Season: 105-30

Thursday Night specials: Baylor over Oklahoma 41-31; Oregon over Stanford 35-28

Around the State: FSU over Wake Forest 49-14; Florida over Vanderbilt 17-14; Miami over Virginia Tech 27-20; UCF over Houston 34-31; Middle Tennessee over FIU 37-27

Around the Region: Alabama over LSU 24-21; Auburn over Tennessee 35-14; Ole Miss over Arkansas 38-35;

Elsewhere: Louisville over UConn 47-7; Texas A&M over Mississippi State 53-31; Wisconsin over BYU 41-24; Michigan over Nebraska 41-38; Notre Dame over Pittsburgh 27-21.