College Football Attendance Highest Ever in 2013

Nosa Eguae,Johnny Manziel

The numbers are in from the 2013 college football season and they completely throw out the concerns and worries the NCAA had about low attendance.

In 2013, NCAA football attendance went over 50 million for the first time ever. In fact, according to reports, there were 50,291,275 fans that attended games.

The number of fans that watch games on TV has also continued to increase. The National Football Foundation reports that over 215 million viewers watched the regular season and another 127 million tuned in to the bowl games.

College Football Talk got the scoop from NFF President and CEO and he says that this growth won’t be slowing anytime soon.

“Embracing ever changing technology, the leaders of our sport have done a spectacular job in ensuring that the fan experience not only keeps pace but sets the standard in innovation. We are grateful to the conferences, bowl games and the media for their creativity and commitment in delivering a first-class product that allows fans to experience the game in every imaginable way.”

The numbers are totals for all levels and teams in the NCAA, but the conference with the highest numbers is the SEC.

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