Bulls Finally Win, Now It’s Time to Work (& Picks!)

Congratulations to USF head coach Willie Taggart on his first victory with the Bulls.

Now can everyone back off a little?

In the first month of the season I heard panic from all directions and it came from a fan base that failed to understand what rebuilding is all about. Taggart didn’t get this job because Skip Holtz took the program to BCS stardom and moved on. He got the job because Holtz did nothing with the roster he was handed and recruited like he was at an NAIA school.

So understand that this is what rebuilding is really all about. It’s about fixing the numerous holes on the roster and seeing what young guys can make a difference early. It’s about see if there’s any depth at quarterback (nope), or running back (not really) or wide receiver (doesn’t appear so) and then recruiting the guys to build that depth.

So while Saturday’s 26-20 victory over Cincinnati was huge for the morale of the current players, coaches, administration and fans it’s still a process and the Bulls have a long way to go. The first victory, however, felt good and it should have felt that way.

Now it’s time to get to work.


Last Week:  13-3
Season:  73-15

Around the State: LSU over Florida, 24-17; USF over UConn 13-10; Marshall over FAU, 45-28; FIU over UAB, 28-27.

Around the Region: Georgia over Missouri, 38-31; South Carolina over Arkansas, 27-17; Texas A&M over Ole Miss, 42-34; Clemson over Boston College, 57-21.

Elsewhere: Oklahoma over Texas, 44-21; Wisconsin over Northwestern, 31-24; Michigan over Penn State, 24-21; Baylor over Kansas State, 66-45; Oregon over Washington, 47-28; Stanford over Utah, 24-17.