Bridgewater Buys Insurance, Prepares For Worst

Teddy Bridgewater was almost perfect in the Cards win over USF
It’s tough being a football player. You work hard your whole life to make it in college and be good enough to play professionally and enter the Draft. But just entering the Draft is only half the battle. Players like Teddy Bridgewater aren’t guaranteed to have a stellar career like any other hall of fame player.

Luckily, Bridgewater is protecting himself. According to Pro Football Talk, the Louisville QB has purchased the standard insurance protection against a possible career-ending injury. But that’s not all. Bridgewater has also purchased a protection policy just in case he “slides down the board.” This policy will pay him benefits if this happens.

This was a smart move on his part since many draft analysts predict that he won’t be selected in round one.

Pro Football Talk says that Bridgewater’s policy pays up to $5 million tax-free money that could help out big time if the worst happens.

The ironic thing is, each time a team does not select Bridgewater, he gets more money…

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