Bo Jackson: “Auburn Students Deserve Public Humiliation”

Three Auburn students were arrested on Saturday for stealing more than $16,000 worth of Auburn football memorabilia.  At least $7,500 of that was “merchandise” that had something to do with Bo Jackson and his time with the Tigers. asked Jackson about the situation and how he felt about probable consequences for the alleged thieves. Jackson told the website that he believes in humiliation, not jail time.

“I don’t think they should serve jail time. They deserve public humiliation.”

Jackson has a very specific answer for exactly how they should be humiliated.

“They should wear a sign — front and back — saying, ‘I was caught stealing and this is my punishment. To all my peers, don’t be as stupid as I was. These 3 individuals need to be placed in high traffic areas on campus every day for one month. 4 to 5 hour shifts. No talking. No Facebook. No Twitter. This will hurt them a lot more.”

Okay, so Jackson’s idea isn’t terrible but it is highly unlikely that the multiple felonies the thieves are facing, will result in wearing a sign ans skipping out on jail time.

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