Notre Dame Gets Short End Of Stick with ACC

The Fighting Irish left the Big East for the ACC and it was a smart decision. The point of leaving one conference for another is typically to find a new home. In the case of Notre Dame, that’s not what happened.

When Notre Dame made the transfer, all athletic programs, aside from football, made the leap to the ACC. Now, football is without a conference affiliation.

Coach Brian Kelly doesn’t exactly like it to be that way. According to Fox Sports, Kelly says it puts them in a scheduling conflict.

“…Unfortunately it’s taken some of the schools like a Michigan and Michigan State, off our schedule. Because we’re going to keep Navy, we’re going to keep Stanford and we’re going to keep USC. Those three schools are not coming off and those are etched in stone. So now, add your ACC schools with those three schools and you’re really limited as to where you can go.”

Notre Dame’s agreement with the ACC requires them to play at least five ACC opponents each year. But, their football independence allows for their TV deal with NBC, which brings the school a significant amount of money each year.

Kelly can whine all he wants about the scheduling conflict, but money is what spins a football program ’round and that is exactly what the university gets more of with this “special deal.”

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