Jimbo Fisher: It’s Rewarding to Break a Streak and Prove ACC Haters Wrong

Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher was on ESPN’s First Take Monday morning and much of the conversation revolved around quarterback Jameis Winston.

When asked about Winston playing baseball and football at the same time, Fisher says he loves that. Baseball teaches adversity and how to learn from failing. He thinks that Winston benefits from that every day.

He talked about Winston entering the draft and reiterated what Winston has been saying. He says that education is very important to the young QB and he anticipates him staying until he graduates.

“He loves people. If there are 300 kids in a line, he’ll sign every autograph. He doesn’t see the danger in every situation because he loves people, but I think he’s learning from that.”

Jimbo has dropped about 40 pounds and he commented on it on the show. Fisher says when he’s light he feels mentally sharp. He says his self confidence is stronger. He said, “health is the greatest thing we have and we take it for granted.”

“I want to be a better father, husband and better coach. there is no doubt that my energy level and my  mind is sharp right now.”

For the Seminoles, there are a lot of high expectations going into this season. Fisher says he’s confident and he believes in his team. He loves the attitude of the team and the habits they have created.

Fisher coached an SEC team for about 13 years. Stephen A. Smith asked about how Fisher feels when people say that Florida State is not an SEC school and are therefore not up to par compared to powerhouses like Alabama and South Carolina. Fisher says it’s rewarding to break a streak and he doesn’t think his guys are going anywhere anytime soon.

Can it happen again? Can the Seminoles have a repeat year in 2014? Fisher thinks so. The confidence he has in his team is exactly how it was before 2013 started and look what happened then. If Winston can keep it together on the field and play as he has so far, the Seminoles could stay at the top.

The season kicks off on August 30th when FSU faces Oklahoma State.