The Sports Interruption: Good and Evil of the World Cup

In this episode of The Sports Interruption, Sports Talk Florida Editor Amanda Borges and Insider Jenna Laine talk about the good that surrounds the World Cup, and the evil that comes from the games.

There are many headlines circulating about the games and this year, there have been some pretty amazing moments. U.S. goalie, Tim Howard has overcome some pretty rough medical issues and he continues to succeed with the team. It’s really incredible to watch the things he’s been able to accomplish.

The World Cup is meant to bring the world together but there have been some really terrible things that have happened. We often take for granted the fact that we are free to watch the games as we please, but soccer fans in other countries have been killed for rooting for their team.

The U.S. will face Portugal on Sunday June 22nd at 6 PM.