Mike Aresco Talks AAC with Erik Kuselias

Erik Kuselias talked to AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco  about the state of the AAC .

AAC Boss Mike Aresco looks to UCF and USF to be leaders in the future of the conference.

Why You Should Listen : Erik Kuselias discussed a number of topics with Mike Aresco.  Aresco talked about how the AAC is doing in year 1. Is it ahead of schedule or behind schedule of where Aresco thought it would be?  Aresco talked about UCF Football success this season as well as the success of the Basketball season. Aresco talked about the future of hosting the Men’s Conference Basketball Tournament?  Aresco also talked about how he handles schools leaving the conference like  Louisville this year and Syracuse in the past? Aresco also talked about the future of the AAC and more.

Mike Aresco on Erik Kuselias Show  :


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