2014 NFL Draft Rankings: QBs

The 2014 NFL Draft is a topic of conversation this Spring and the quarterback class is pretty impressive.

Here are the top 5 quarterbacks entering the draft in May.

1. Teddy Bridgewater- Louisville

As the most polished pocket passer in the college game, Bridgewater is capable of making every throw from the pocket. He is especially talented in orchestrating the operation at the line of scrimmage.

2. Johnny Manziel- Texas A&M

Manziel’s sensational ability to improvise during each game, is more than impressive. It’s his dramatic progress as a pocket passer that has some scouts convinced he could be a star in a wide-open offense.

3. Blake Bortles- UCF

Bortles has the tools to be a great quarterback, but he is not a finished product. Patience and development will be the key to his success at the next level.

4. Derek Carr- Fresno State

Carr is the ultimate bomb-thrower with the arm to make tight throws to every area of the field. Pocket poise could be a concern, but Carr’s positives seem to outweigh his weaknesses.

5. Zach Mettenberger- LSU

As an old-school pocket passer, he has a big arm and an increasingly improving game. He had an ACL injury that could send him down the charts, but watching his college work will make him a favorite among the selections of the vertical passing game.

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