2014 NFL Draft Player Profile: Sammy Watkins

Sammy Watkins

Wide receiver Sammy Watkins enters the draft at 6 feet tall, 205 pounds. He’s a 20-year-old junior from Clemson who has dominated the field during his college football tenure.

Watkins is a threat every time he touches the ball, even if he has to break through tackles to do it. That might be the biggest different between Watkins and a player like DeSean Jackson — Watkins can take some punishment and keep going. He gets more of his yards after the catch than Jackson does. The Clemson wideout has good hands, and does a good job going to get the ball in the air. With 12 touchdowns and over 1400 yards last season, Watkins is considered the best wideout in the draft. He even has the stats to back it up.

However, critics say that Watkins makes big plays, but his game is far from complete. Although he is a physical player, he does not have great size. The question for Watkins will be if he can break the tackles he did in college, and whether he is big enough to deal with the taller, more physical cornerbacks in the NFL. Watkins is not considered a great route runner, and ball security is also an issue with Watkins. Although there are not a ton of character issues with Watkins, it is worth noting that he was suspended two games during his college career after he was arrested for possession of marijuana.

The NFL Draft starts Thursday May 8th and ends on Saturday May 10, 2014.

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