What Does Clippers Sale Mean for the NFL?

Steve Ballmer

The Los Angeles Clippers sold for a whopping $2 billion and that is more than enough cha-ching to make NFL owners ecstatic.

It was former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer who purchased the NBA franchise from Donald Sterling. Don’t worry, it’s a win-win for both parties. Ballmer is worth around $20 billion and Sterling originally bought the team for $12.5 million. Sterling made a fortune for running his mouth and Ballmer still has enough to pay to get his yachts cleaned (I’m just assuming he has a couple).

What does this mean for NFL teams?

Well, for starters, it will help values increase, at least a little bit. According to Pro Football Talk, two years ago the Browns were purchased for $1.05 billion. That’s about half of what the Clipper sold for!

Obviously Los Angeles is a little more glamorous than Cleveland, Ohio, but just think if there was an NFL team in L.A.

Southern California is most definitely a money pit and creating an NFL team there is pure genius. A pro team in L.A. would definitely be worth upwards of $3 billion. Not to mention, new rivalries that would emerge. Not everyone wants to hop on the San Diego Chargers train.

Maybe that coule be Ballmer’s next project.

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