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Charlie Manuel Wins His 1,000th Game

Hes not going to get too many more than 1,000. The Phillies only have 44 games left this year and given (a) that his contract is up; and (b) his age, he may not be managing again after 2013. But kudos to Charlie Manuel for winning his 1000th game.

After the victory he had this to say:

Its definitely quite an achievement, Manuel said. Like I told my players, theyre the ones that make it happen. They play. The two organizations Ive been with, theyre the ones that get the players for me. That just goes to show you just how good they are. Its hard for me to stand there and say I accept all of my accolades because the other people are definitely achieving those for you. Thats kind of how I look at it. Im sure later on it probably means a lot more to me than right now. Were still trying to win some games.

Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports Hardball Talk


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